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Billionaire inventor Levi Chapman prefers his old friends and his small Texas hometown to nightlife on the celebrity circuit.  Only one woman ever touched his heart—architect Dana DeLong.  But despite the passion ben them, Dana’s drive to succeed at her job in the city, a place that drains his soul, broke them apart.  After Dana returns to Whiskey River for a project, they manage to avoid each other.  But when Levi's Green Beret brother is injured in combat, Levi’s need to care for him compels him to turn to Dana. 




A job remodeling Devil’s Rock airport lures Dana DeLonck to Whiskey River, home of the lover she never got over. Though they mutually decided to remain apart, when Levi asks her to tap her specialty, designing accessible housing, to help his disabled veteran brother, she can’t refuse. Passion still burns bright between them and soon they succumb to their desires.


Life has changed them boh, but is the love they share now enough to overcome the differences that drove them apart

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Whiskey River Rescue

Zee Mahan had always known the boy she loved would leave one day–Whiskey River was too small to hold the talent and charisma of Jamie Templeton forever. She just didn't realize that when he left, it would break her hometown heart.


Jamie had never lied to Zee about his plans, and when he'd left for the bright lights—and made it big—he'd thought she understood. She'd loved him and his music and had encouraged him to chase his dream. Sure, he could have gone home for a visit, but when his band caught fire, he was afraid to interrupt their momentum.


When the crazy world he was living in turned on him, Jamie walked away---back to the only place he could think of to go....home. But was it too late to find forgiveness and rekindle the fire with the only woman he’d ever loved?

In Case You Missed Them

Here's a taste of Christmas in Whiskey River, Texas!  


A matchmaking ghost helps four couples find true love during the holiday season and it all starts with A TEXAS CHRISTMAS PAST by Julia Justiss with a story set after World War I.  The next time we see the ghost is almost 100 years later in three contemporary romance novels - A TEXAS CHRISTMAS REUNION by Eve Gaddy, A TEXAS CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING by Nancy Robards Thompson and ONCE UPON A TEXAS CHRISTMAS by Katherine Garbera. 


“I loved this whole series…I am so impressed with how the authors have collaborated to bring the characters, events and scenarios to life in each book yet each author brings their own voice to their own story. This is definitely a fantastic Christmas series…”

                                   Splashes Into Books, Netgalley