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How It All Began

Eve Gaddy here, to talk a bit about how Kathy and I first met.

Many years ago Kathy Garbera and I were assigned to room together at a conference in Savannah, Georgia. Our first experience, one that should have told us we were to become great friends, occurred when we were late to a publisher gathering. As we walked up, we realized everyone, and there were a lot of them, had arranged their chairs in a large circle. And they were all staring at us. (I promise it wasn't our fault. It took half an hour to get our check)

So Kathy and I dragged two heavy chairs across the stone floor, squeaking and groaning all the way. Then the circle had to be widened to allow us in, which caused more squeaking and groaning of chairs. Finally, we were settled and they got on with the discussion but Kathy and I couldn't look at each other the rest of the night for fear we'd burst into laughter.

Embarrassment makes for a great bonding experience. There were more to come.:) We discovered that neither of us had a current critique partner so we agreed to try it. We were both a little wary, as these things don't always work out. But we enjoyed each other's books, so we thought we'd give it a try.

Everyone who knows Kathy knows that she is nice. Really, genuinely nice. Which is a great quality, of course. But it doesn't help when she's too nice to tell you what's wrong. So I had to convince her to tell me the truth, even if it hurts. Once we settled that, it was great.:)

We don't critique like we used to. We both have too much going on. But we brainstorm--hence Whiskey River--often and we read each other's chapter or proposal or whatever else we need. When Kathy moved to England it was hard on both of us, but we have since discovered Facetime and try to do that once a week.

The time difference took us a while to get used to, though. We kept getting mixed up as to what was morning and what was afternoon and when would be a good time to try to connect. I confess, I had a harder time than Kathy. But I finally figured out that morning for me was afternoon for her. Or around midnight my time was early morning her time. After all that my husband reminded me there's a global clock function on my IPhone. Gee, thanks, honey.

Writing a story together was interesting. Though we'd both been in series with other authors, we had never actually written anything together. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Where There's a Will is our prequel, and our collaborative effort. Come join us in Whiskey River, Texas!

See you soon!

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“I loved this whole series…I am so impressed with how the authors have collaborated to bring the characters, events and scenarios to life in each book yet each author brings their own voice to their own story. This is definitely a fantastic Christmas series…”

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