The Whiskey River Chamber of Commerce welcomes you.

Welcome to Whiskey River, Texas a fictional town nestled in the heart of Hill Country on a spur of the Pedernales River.  Legend has it the town got it's name when Booze Kelly spilled a load of whiskey into the river.  The neighboring ranches slowly came to be a part of the town that started with a brothel, a church and that whiskey still of old Booze Kelly.

The books of Whiskey River are a mixture of historical and contemporary romances that range from sensual-to-hot!  

We hope you'll check out these available titles and that you'll come back at Christmas for the upcoming A Whiskey River Christmas Carol novels.

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Whiskey River is a town in the Texas Hill Country located on a tributary of the Pedernales River (pronounced Perdenales). Originally the town was called Kelly’s Crossing after the founder, Booze Kelly.  There’s a statue of Booze Kelly in the town square. However, some time around 1900, the bridge across the river broke while a shipment of Kelly’s Whiskey barrels was crossing. The entire shipment, three wagons, fell in the river. A number of the barrels broke, prompting the townspeople to name the tributary Whiskey River, and before long that became the town’s name as well. Periodically over the years there has been a movement to rename it, but the locals have always voted it down. On Founders Day one of the big activities is to float barrels down the river to  commemorate the name.



The Kellys

The first Kelly, Ronan ‘Booze’ Kelly, came to the Hill Country of Texas in the late 1800’s. Ronan liked his whiskey and he found out quickly that there was none around. He began making it , bootlegging during Prohibition, and became very wealthy. As soon as he had money, he began claiming land and the Kelly ranch quickly rivaled the famous King ranch in size. Ronan became known as Booze Kelly. He married and had a number of children and grandchildren, most settling in the area. One of his great-grandsons started the boot factory, Kelly’s Boots, which became famous for expensive, hand-crafted cowboy boots as well as the original Kelly work boots.


 Though much of the land has been sold off through the years, the present day Kelly ranch is still quite large and well-known. With interests in cattle, oil, and Trey Kelly’s baby, Kelly’s Champions, a champion cutting horse breeding farm, the Kelly ranch and various business interests are massive. Trey Kelly runs the ranch predominately and Wyatt Kelly runs Kelly’s Boots primarily, though both brothers are somewhat involved in all facets of the Kelly businesses.


“I loved this whole series…I am so impressed with how the authors have collaborated to bring the characters, events and scenarios to life in each book yet each author brings their own voice to their own story. This is definitely a fantastic Christmas series…”

                                   Splashes Into Books, Netgalley